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  วิทยุสื่อสาร HYT : TC-3600

Fully Equipped With Mobility , Reliability & Versatility

TC3600 Technology Feature :

4 Or 5 w Power Output ,Range UpTo 6 Km
Conventional and Trunked (MPT1327) Modes
Voice Compander, Clear & Crisp
Emergency Siren & Emergency ANI Transmission
Digital Potentiometer Controls Parameters & Specification
Special ESD Design Ensure Anti-Static Shock Up To 8KV

Flash Memory,Software Can Be Upgraded

TC3600 Structure Feature:
Palm Size , Compact & Rugged
Meet MIL-STD-810C/D/E & IP54
More Sensitive Controls Even With Gloves
Pin-style Headset Structure Enables Better Water-
Proof Function.
Compact Li-ion Batteries Ensure Slimmer, Lighter
Radio. High Volume Li-ion Batteries (1700mAh)
Long For 14 Hours Working Performance.
Factory Buit-in Serial Number
Programmable Keyboard
Tri-color LED Indicator
High Quality Audio Output

TC3600 Extra Function :
- LCD Display
128*32 Lattice alphanumeric Display . Selectable English & Chinese language. User-friendly icons provide clear, easy-to-read indicators, including :Zone, Talkgroup , channel indicator, battery gauge ,radio signal strength indicator(RSSI) .
-Radio Password
This radio offers password protection feature. Password will appear on LCD after power on if password is set in your radio. The radio enters conventional mode after entering 1-8 digit password.
-128 Channels
128 Channels , divided into 8 zones, 16 channels per zone. Provide more efficiency for each talk group.
-Channels Alias
Name for each channel can be used by frequency or number or name of person , group or team for better identification .
-Menu Operation
Personalized menu make setting function and parameters easily and comfortably per user requirements.
-Radio Signal Strength Indicator(RSSI)
Displays radio signal and strength levels at a glance.
-Battery Gauge
Indicates battery strength levels for more effective power management.
-Static Vibration Reminder
Vibration reminds user that 2-tone signalling comes in besides siren.

TC3600 Main Function :
- Emergency Siren
The radio can be programmed to sound emergency siren. When the emergency siren is enabled, the radio will transmit emergency ANI and then sound continuously at the highest volume.
-Programmable Function Keys
provide 3 programmable keys to your need for almost any radio feature.
-Built-in 2 Tone or 5-Tone Encode and Decode
The encod and decod functions offer a 2-tone or 5-tone paging code assignable to any channel. An incoming message is signaled with audible alerts.
-Built-in DCS/CTCSS
Built-in DCS / CTCSS help to segregate talk groups so users only hear traffic from other co-groups users in their own group . This helps to reduce confusion and keep the lines of communication clear. ( conventional mode)
-Adjustable Output Power
To extend the radio working time, TC3600 is able to adjust power output when communication range is close. You just press programming key, then out-put power will be lower to save energy.
-Time Out Timer ( TOT)
If the transmission exceeds preset time, transmission will be stopped. This feature is used to prevent one from using the same channel for a long time and also avoid damage radio caused by long-time transmission.
-Priority Channel Scan
Channel Scanning provides users with an easy way to monitor multiple channels for activity. Priority Scan enables the radio to automatically check for activity on an important main channel during the channel scan sequence and while receiving a call on another non priority channel.
- Nuisance Delete
Nuisance delete feature allows you to temporarily delete an unwanted channel from the scan list.
-Busy Channel Lockout
Avoid interference with the users using the same channel by preventing transmission if another talk group is already on the air.
-Repeater/Talk Around
When the repeater doesn"t work or you are out of the communication range of the repeater and within the communication range of your group member, you can bypass the repeater and talk directly to your group member.
-Voice Operated Transmit ( VOX)
Plug an earphone with VOX feature into the radio to enable VOX. It enables you to free your hands and talk without pressing PTT button.
-MSK Wireless Clone
MSK wireless clone function enables all programming parameters to transmitting from one radio to another. In that case , wireless clone time can be shorten and enhance working efficiency.
-Selectable Channel Spacing
25KHz /12.5 Khz compatible. 25KHz channel spacing can be switch to 12.5KHz via programming the radio to save buying new radio.
-Upgradable Software
Software can be upgraded when new functions added . You no need to re-buy new radio just through upgrading software to increase function.
-Built-in Modem
The built-in 1200/2400bit/s MSK modulator offers data transmission function

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